Supporting better business decisions for growth and profitability

Make better business decisions

Almost every company has key data and understanding trapped in multiple systems and in people’s heads, so gaining insight is usually somewhere between difficult and impossible

This is probably the most important issue facing companies struggling to grow and be profitable

DataWise consultants and practices can unlock this potential so you can:

  • Understand key challenges and opportunities earlier
  • Predict, plan and transform more confidently
  • Profit from informed decisions and enhance opportunities


Keep your Team Information Process Technology under control with Optimiser4

Datawise Intelligence has a team of experienced consultants

Trying to develop and grow.... our expertise includes helping your teams make the most of your data:

  • Setting the business vision
  • Developing and de-risking business strategy
  • Business process analyses
  • Mapping data flows, information source identification
  • Requirements planning for database design and CRM
  • GDPR and staying compliant

Optimiser4 - one integrated planning system for your organisation

  • Use our secure cloud framework for all  systems and data planning, one integrated visualisation tool
  • Reflect strict EU GDPR privacy controls to avoid data breaches
  • Ensure Mergers and Acquisitions don't fail or struggle because of poor data planning or integration
  • Map your shared processes in one place and train new or existing staff
  • Maintain one shared library for all departments to use
  • Be better prepared for any ICO investigations, and if you have a data breach, have evidence to hand.
  • Mine your data and plan for better use of intelligence
  • Ask for a demonstration and discussion with our teams

Our Optimiser4 service has been designed to provide you with a new simple-to-use, integrated, online visualisation and documentation approach which brings all your departments' needs together in one place.

We can help you complete and maintain this important work and ensure it remains well managed: a hugely valuable approach for IT departments to enable them to offer more professional services to all their user departments.