Understanding and improving  your use of Data to gain new Insights. Data Models and Architecture - for CRM, marketing, finance, & GDPR.

Service Design Architects - Improving Business, Charity and Community Data Management Sharing and CRM Operations.

We offer a variety of Optimiser4 linked design and planning services:-
  • Re-assessing needs of stakeholders and defining taxonomies so customer and 'CRM' system investments fit better
  • Mapping out data flows and sharing of data to enable transformations in ways of working
  • Staying compliant under GDPR and PECR rules PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)
  • Identifying businesses and charities in localities who should work together, performing better for commissioners
  • Examining opportunities for partnering and making  mergers and acquisitions work to give faster payback
  • Expanding data sources and integration to help improve decision making, using business intelligence dashboards
  • Helping improve charities' 'bids for funding', looking at outcome and quality reporting needed by commissioners
  • Moving from spreadsheets for contract management to database designs for scheduling of resources and delivery

Our short and concise investigative approaches help Executives review and rank the severity of the problems they face, and we then document and suggest prioritised actions and possible returns. Usually two visits and discussions with senior Executives enable us to spot the needs and priorities and produce an Executive Action Blueprint.

Who can benefit ? Companies, charities, education and sports bodies, specialist marketing agencies and software service or web trading businesses; businesses focussing heavily on B2C sales and marketing, or implementing CRM or ABM frameworks; and for everyone who is concerned about staying compliant within EU  GDPR and PECR regulations.The cloud based tool we use to support our Optimiser 4 service also leaves any organisation with a re-usable and adaptable online mapping and visualisation of their key activities, helping with future data process and systems planning, definition and matching of system requirements, and a greater assurance that GDPR protocols and Privacy by Design are being followed.

Keep your Team Information Process Technology under control with Optimiser4

6th June 2019 Statement from Elizabeth Denham, The UK  Information Commissioner - " For those who do not take this responsibility seriously or those who break the law, we will act swiftly and effectively. Many of the investigations launched with our new powers are now nearing completion and we expect outcomes soon, demonstrating the actions my office is willing and able to take to protect the public."

We help today’s leaders plan, de-risk and take action in key areas:

  • Making your CRM investments work better
  • Helping you stay compliant under EU GDPR and PECR rules
  • Identifying new partners across business and charities to enhance services and market share
  • Making any partnerships and mergers and acquisitions work better
  • Expanding and presenting data to help with decision making, about customers and for commissioners of services

How? Through on-site short workshops, meeting with your Executives, we help you:-

  1. Spot opportunities for your PEOPLE to improve teamwork and outcomes, with better sharing of data, for business, charity or communities
  2. Document, map and untangle the evolving cobwebs of PROCESSES especially after mergers, collaborations and acquisitions
  3. Make sure that cloud, on-premise, mobile and telemetry TECHNOLOGIES allow you to filter and maximise the use of collected data
  4. Aggregate and improve the quality and use of all your DATA, staying within latest GDPR, PECR, CYBER and IASME guidelines
  5. Develop and display operational BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DASHBOARDS, visualising markets, sales, costs and KPIs in easily usable form

If you have any of these needs, we will start to engage with your teams by  running short on-site workshops to

  • complement your own resources and help you fully assess what you still need to do and to face and minimise this ongoing workload; we can help quickly - and at reasonable cost. We map out your processes, classify what your people and departments are doing with your data, and suggest improvements to eliminate risk. (Phase 2 of GDPR is seeing major enforcements and a range of fines imposed, so there is no room for complacency). We can also introduce you to leading Cyber Essentials and IASME specialists
  • help you think outside the box about what data you do need, how you might acquire and use intelligence better - checking at all times that you have a 'Privacy by Design' approach, a Legitimate Interest and can stay within every aspect of the GDPR and PECR rules. Businesses and charities still need to market, but to use data, whether B2C or B2B, legally.

Finally, we have a superb team who can understand your objectives and essential key performance indicators, scan the 'open data' world, help aggregate and integrate this with your internal data, create one-off data models and build SQL databases, so you can run them on UK based cloud services. At all times we help you and your marketing agencies, using our legal and data regulatory  knowledge, follow guidelines to adhere to GDPR and PECR regulations, hence minimising risks of breaking current regulations but maximising potential. Then within this legal framework, we can also design and deliver subscription Business Intelligence interfaces and Dashboards on a pay as you go basis; and usually no capital equipment costs at all.

Service Summary - Optimiser4 Cloud based planning platform multiple uses. 

1.Make CRM investments work better - Planning Platform Optimiser4 - Module A

build an integrated roadmap to handle Customers and sell more by bringing  CRM data, processes and people together.

accelerate return on investment from software expenditure

generate more leads, sales and income

establish proper integrated marketing processes

provide better market intelligence for managers

embed Privacy by Design into operations, supporting GDPR compliance.

2.Stay compliant - EU GDPR and PECR rules - Planning Platform Optimiser4 - Module B

build an integrated roadmap  to accelerate and achieve confidentiality and security with customers, staff and agencies

have Privacy by Design embedded within a sustainable culture

reduce independently-held spreadsheets of sensitive data

build easier Data Subject Access Request handling

lower the risk of cataclysmic data breaches that threaten associated damage to reputation or fines

create a single online GDPR evidence hub demonstrating your accountability

3.Make mergers work faster - Planning Platform Optimiser4 - Module C

 build an integrated roadmap to accelerate financial payback and get implementation benefits faster

bring cultures, teams, processes and systems together

integrate sets of data on customers or in charities, on volunteers, contracting bodies, grant bodies and beneficiaries

coordinate rules on GDPR and compliance

help VC’s, accountants and solicitors with the practical steps needed on systems, data and marketing planning.

4.Build intelligence for better decisions - Planning Platform Optimiser4 -  Module D 

build an integrated roadmap get a deeper understanding of the key pieces of data needed

design your your key performance indicators,

build a flow chart of the likely sources of internal and external data,

design the data flows and steps needed to  gather and improve your data

populate the key systems you have, such as in CRM activities and Business Intelligence Dashboards.

5.Helping with Contract Management and Bids  

provide access to an on-line portal service to report on contract outcome data

to help ensure contracts are delivered on time and obligations met so new contracts can be secured

  to assess contract bids before submission to ensure success and improving chances of success


N.B: Our Philanthropic Contributions - for Citizens, Communities and Charities.

Citizens via community collaborations and good causes need support from land owners, local authorities, charities and business managers. Towns with heritage to protect need help and more footfall too, which can come from both within and outside the UK, if visitors and tourists carry home positive messages. Good planning and use of comprehensive communications platforms are key. But for this, accurate demographic data is essential as is adherence and integration of GDPR and PECR 'privacy by design' data regulations when communicating. Outcomes from our precision assignments are better mapping of plans, sharper definitions of target groups, more supporters ( offering time, money or equipment ), and an increasing appeal to personal and corporate social responsibility. We will help at significant discounts.

The Datawise Team - experience and honesty helps build trust.

Meet the Team

Peter McCann of DataWise Intelligence

Peter McCann

Peter has had a career spanning sales marketing and information services. He founded DEC's first value added service, built and sold a large Data Warehousing business in Insurance and became a business coach.
Christopher Johns of DataWise Intelligence

Christopher Johns

Compliance Director
Christopher has over 30 years’ experience working in SMEs. Starting in marketing and subscription management for medical and financial services publishing and conference companies, he then developed an interest in technology and spent over 20 years as IT Director in the travel industry. He now specialises in privacy management, data protection and technology solutions for SMEs. Christopher is an enthusiastic proponent of the value of using regulatory compliance to enable SMEs and Charities achieve robust operational and process management, build customer trust and support growth and innovation.

Richard Goat

Director of Business Strategy
Richard is an experienced entrepeneur who, after a successful career with IBM and as CEO of several software businesses, one of which he sold to Reuters, brings practical business development direction to our Board.
Andrew Cope for DataWise Intelligence

Andrew Cope

Software Services Design Architect
Andrew has had a very successful career with a focus on determining user requirements and managing teams to build and deliver advanced web and data management services. His successes included designing a major database for the RAC.
Michael Mulholland at DataWise Intelligence

Michael Mulholland

Legal Adviser
Michael is a highly experienced lawyer, specialising in data protection law with experience of working across blue chip companies in diverse sectors including financial services, insurance, energy, medical and defence industries. His expertise lies in advising on data protection related topics including regulatory compliance, governance, policy drafting, establishing governance frameworks and 'business as usual' advice.
Marie Woltman at DataWise Intelligence

Marie Woltman

Business Intelligence Analyst
Marie is a Microsoft Power BI enthusiast with a passion for dashboarding technology. She has over ten years experience as a local government data analyst and is well known in national circles for pioneering data visualisation technology. She has a background in recruitment, property and aviation sectors.

Noel Green

Lead Procurement and Contracts Consultant
Noel has a senior management background in procurement and supply chain management in both the public and private sectors. He has worked for an NHS Improvement body, and large retail chains. His hands on experience in procurement and defining contract obligations, enables him to assess the data needed to then manage and track commissioned contracts. He has designed an innovative cloud based contract management software service that is now being used by organisations ranging in size from small SMEs through to large multi-nationals and household names including an agency handling NHS CCG work, and well known retail, engineering and not for profits operations. Noel offers a special service for SMEs to review their tender bids prior to submission, as he has deep understanding of defining and meeting promised outcomes to commissioning entities, as well as subsequently using data to track performance.

Vision, Team Building and Market knowledge. Business Process Analysis, Data Flows and GDPR. Business Strategy. Database design and build with Cloud and easy to use Front End web service provisioning.

Our multi-disciplinary team is able to quickly understand, analyse and map out business processes, help you align these against your current software tools including Cloud and mobile apps,  and review how people in each different department operate and work together, enabling them to see simple flow charts and displays of your processes needed to remain compliant. We can help your finance, marketing, HR and IT people cross refer to the relevant Laws, and meanwhile refer you to specialists who check your Cyber Security Accreditation to support data compliance.

  • Importantly, because we have access to class marketing and legal skills, we can help you turn any GDPR, PECR or other regulatory control headaches into an 'opportunity generator' around Client and Customer loyalty. This applies to how data is used and shared with Beneficiaries, Volunteers and Partners (such as the NHS and Local Authorities) and with Sub-Contractors within any Charity.
  • Note although we can tackle one integrated flow process, our start point is simple - you can engage us for even the smallest part of your operations and we will be pleased to 'start small' at low but fair cost, and then build out with as and when you need.


Use Optimiser4 to create an integrated data flow system for your organisation, with your people in mind.

  • Integrate and document evidence of your existing activities under GDPR.
  • Develop true customer-centric transparent communication.
  • Implement accountability to demonstrate effective risk management.
  • Introduce a ‘Privacy by Design’ culture into your business operations.
  • Use a Cloud based visualisation service to train new or existing staff.
  • Be better prepared for any ICO investigations, with all evidence to hand.

Our Optimiser4 service has been designed to provide a simple-to-use, integrated, online visualisation and documentation approach to help you complete and maintain this important work and ensure it remains well managed.

Keep your Team Information Process Technology under control with Optimiser4

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Note ; we recognise that many smaller UK Charities in need of our services can be short of funds. We will be pleased to run a  2 half - day investigation and provide a service enhancement roadmap blueprint for a Charity or CIC CEO and Trustees, from just £750 plus VAT.

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