About DataWise Intelligence

DataWise Intelligence has a team of experienced consultants

Our team of experienced information specialists have delivered over 200 projects for leading, challenging and evolving companies across all industry groups.

Our expertise includes:

  • Setting the business vision
  • Developing business strategy
  • Team building
  • Understanding your market
  • Business Process Analyses including mapping Data Flows, information source identification.
  • Database design and build using the cloud and easy to use systems.
  • GDPR

The way we work

Our multi-disciplinary team is able to quickly understand, analyse and map out your business processes and associated data. We help you to align these against your current software tools including Cloud and mobile apps and to review how people in each different department operate and work together. We work to:

  • Improve how well you understand your data and hence your business As “it really” Is
  • Ensure To Be requirements understood consistently by all stakeholders
  • Model To Be service, process and the underlying process and control data to ensure the desired business outcomes are achieved
  • Define the data journey from As Is -> To Be and the required controls and metrics
  • Conduct data collection, analysis, visualisation, decision support
  • Produce data driven status and issue reporting
  • Manage and co-ordinate all data providers


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