How we work

How we drive change

Change is always stressful and can be risky. We use a three stage process to improve operations and transform services.

Diagram of the flow from data discovery through to delivery and client benefit as practised by Datawise Intelligence.

How we find, organize, analyse and explain your data

You, the client, are in control of the whole process. At the start of work, you specify your required business outcomes.

1. Data discovery

In the first phase we look at the data you hold and how you use it.

Our aim is to improve how well you understand your data and hence your business as it really is.

We also explore your stated business outcomes to make sure that all stakeholders understands the requirements in a consistent manner.

We now look at your requirements and develop a detailed data and process model. We can then test that we will be able to produce the desired outcomes, in terms of services, data and processes.

At this stage we also model the changes required to move from the old to the new. This will include both the details of the change and metrics to measure progress and success rates.

This stage implements the agreed plan. We help you manage the whole process by providing

  • Data collection, analysis, visualisation, decision support
  • Data driven status and issue reporting
  • Management and co-ordination of all data providers

As a result of the streamlining of data and processes, the client will:

  • Gain a greater and earlier understanding of what is happening
  • Have the ability to predict and plan more confidently
  • Profit from informed decisions

How we assure change

Management of information security and digital transformation risks

We review and enhance your information management regime to ensure your information is

  •  Safe  – to avoid data breaches and reputational damage by being compliant with data privacy and security standards & best practices
  • and sound – known accuracy today, improved quality over time and compliant with your industry’s data and interoperability standards

We direct and govern delivery teams and, where your existing change teams are too busy or don’t have required experience,  supplement with specialist resources to accelerate change and reduce time to value

  • Oversight of work by internal and external suppliers
  • Identification and mitigation of change risk
  • Testing of requirements, designs, systems, processes and business intelligence and compliance reporting 

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