Precision Investigations

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Our senior consultants have all had practical industry and charity experience in improving organisational and systems efficiency. Our short, sharp investigations help our customers to distill key areas where action is needed and help you to prioritise the improvements.

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Working things through with Datawise Intelligence

Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnering

Maximise benefits when you acquire, merge or partner. Read more about how to identify key integration components.

Customer Database Implementations

Get faster payback and make database systems effective. See how requirements planning helps solutions work well.

Data Compliance and GDPR Checks

Build confidence for customers and staff  that data is safe. Read more about how to check for data breach risks and stay compliant.

Organisational and Process Planning

Growth, people and market changes can require restructuring. Read more about how to challenge and change your organisation.

Market Data and Intelligence

Data needs to be at the centre of your organisation. Read more about how to investigate and use multiple sources of intelligence.

Charity Impacts and Funding

Sustainability under austerity can be challenging for charities. Find out more about measuring outcome impact and  justifying more funding.

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  • an on-site review with that executive and up to 6 managers
  • a written report with our findings and recommendations.

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