The Internet of Human Things

Is the exploitation of corporate intelligence hindered by past organisational structures, management styles and KPIs? Or are people the blockage?

There is no doubt BigData is invaluable to marketing. Data Scientists are becoming the gold diggers at the frontier of a market land grab. But companies will only succeed if intelligence is aggregated, curated and released to all in a collaborative manner.

So do the key departments collaborate?

Marketing Directors are often constrained in what data they can access and analyse because the IT department is short of resource to help. They cite too much to do or that old chestnut “security issues”. So Sales Directors – looking for leads and up-sell/cross-sell opportunities – then get frustrated by being ‘held back’ by the marketing department, viewing them as the ‘poor relation’. After all, they only do a bit of research, some PR and print leaflets with an occasional social media blast – all of which is usually unmeasurable. Not helped by the outputs marketing actually achieves are often hard to quantify in specifics to create a good Return on Investment case to justify having their own people and systems.

IT Directors face pressures on business growth, often meaning demands for bigger internal systems with increased budgets, new KPIs and huge responsibilities. They get rewarded for the number of systems and people they manage. Technical support teams love a challenge – like super-heroes they protect their servers – even if this means data is a bit inaccessible to Marketing or Sales, or the CRM doesn’t quite gel with the finance system.

With some persuasion (aka a bit of blackmail) a Business Analyst from the Marketing team might be allowed to “enter an IT area”. They might even get access to some of the ‘simpler’ database systems (what do marketers know about IT anyway?) but “data protection” and “query performance” are the magic words to keep them getting involved too much.

So the Marketing Director gets a report which is largely based on an ‘instinctive feel’ of how business intelligence systems would help the organisation.

The Finance Director then compares the Marketing Director’s request for investment in new outsourced BigData Intelligence services, but the ROI paper has too many ‘soft measures‘ so the request is turned down. Meanwhile, the IT Director’s request to buy more internal systems gets the green light…..

The Internet of Human Things has a way to go!

But what if your organisation stopped focusing on process and security as an excuse to stop things happening – and re-focused on practical uses of cloud-based intelligence systems. Sprinkle in some Data Scientists who bring marketing translators with them…… just imagine what you could do for your customer’s customer then!

Peter McCann, CEO DataFirst Intelligence Ltd