Use cases

Infographic in how unlocing your data can be used for a range of business improvements.

How to use Datawise Intelligence

With Datawise Intelligence, you get access to knowledgeable consultants with a broad range of skills. Our aim is to help organisations and businesses turn their data into information. This can then be used to make better decisions and increase profitability and efficiency.

Below we cite some examples of where our skills can be used to turn round your business.

AI, ML and RPA can be managed using Datawise Intelligence processes

AI, ML and RPA

According to Gartner, “99 percent of AI initiatives in IT service management will fail, due to the lack of an established knowledge management foundation”. Datawise Intelligence can establish that foundation for your business.
CRM Data Quality impacts your business. Datawise Intelligence can improve your customer information.

CRM Data Quality

Is your customer information letting you down? Experian say “75% of businesses believe their customer contact information is incorrect”. Let us help you improve your CRM and benefit from better customer relations.
Test data can be the difference between successful software and failure. Datawise Intelligence can help you generate and manage quality test data.

Test Data

The better your test data, the better your system. Datawise Intelligence can help you thoroughly test your IT systems with production representative, anonymised data. Provision your systems more rapidly and with greater confidence.
Dat Privacy must be built into all busienss processes. Datawise Intelligence can help you get it right.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is a big concern to businesses, particularly with the changing conditions brought on by Covid-19. We can advise you on working from home, Covid-19 track & trace, SaaS proliferation and compliance.
Failing projects can benefir from Datawise Intelligence

Failing projects

Project managers need access to consistent, up to date data. We can help you visualize status, ensure progress data is consistent across suppliers and improve your ability to predict.

None of the above?

These are only a sample of the improvements you can make with our help. If you have difficulty accessing or interpreting your data, we can help. Badly managed data can cost you time and profit.

Some organisations ask us to concentrate on a specific project or department while others want us to cover their whole business. As the client, you set the scope of a project and the objectives. We then work with you to achieve the requested outcomes.

Please get in touch, without obligation, and we can discuss how we can make a difference.